Logan County GIS Corporation
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Logan County GIS Corporation

The Logan County GIS Corp uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to present a way for us to visualize our community in hopes that we might better understand where we live and what we need in order to grow and succeed.

GIS systems provide our community with geographic information about places on the Earth’s surface. It is about knowing where something is; what is at, on, in, or around a given location. A GIS is a type of information system designed to capture, store, query, analyze and display geographic information.

Using a GIS, we have the ability to associate location data to specific, detailed information about that location. Using GIS, you can

  1. find a feature such as the nearest gas station;
  2. find patterns such as hot spots of criminal activity;
  3. find out where the most/least of something is located such as where the best place to live with the least amount of crime;
  4. map densities such as the number of people per square mile inside a particular census tract;
  5. find what is inside such as monitoring the residential locations of registered sex offenders;
  6. find what is nearby such as mapping areas/features vulnerable to a flood; and
  7. map change such as evaluating how the community has changed from the 1950s up to today.

As our communities continue to grow and as we continue to face challenges in the planning, development and success of our communities, we continue to see the advantages of the use of this technology within our community’s growth and development process.

In a sense, GIS allows us to better understand our community by assembling, organizing and providing tools to analyze its geographic data in hopes to instigate a better, more effective decision making process.