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About Logan County Geographic
Information System (GIS)

A geographic information system or (GIS) is a tool used for the creation, storing, analyzing and managing of spatial data such as mapping for highways, underground infrastructure, boundaries, emergency routes and scores of other information data in digital form. 

The Logan County Geographic Information System Corporation, (LCGISC) was formed as a Corporation in 1999 by a group of volunteers that had the best interest of the community in mind and believed that a GIS program was a needed and viable way to assist the county as a whole with fire and emergency management, school districts, real-estate groups and other agencies including business and private interest in our county.

It is the goal of  LCGISC, to establish and maintain strategic partnerships with public and private sector entities, to improve their efficiency, and service through the sharing of geographic information data for the benefit of anyone  interested in living, working or playing in Logan County through a collaborative effort in any related technology. 

LCGISC has endured many hardships including training, a very meager budget outlay, and time constraints.  However through it all, LCGISC has managed to keep the goals in mind and move forward and now has become a reality in putting the information that has been gathered over the past few years on-line and the purpose realized.  LCGISC is proud to become a vital part of the community and it is the hope of every member that the program will be a true asset to anyone needing or wanting the information that is or will be available. 
Currently LCGISC has about twenty digital data layers ranging from highway and transportation routes to cemetery sites throughout the county.   The future plans for LCGISC is to incorporate any and every type of mapable digital data that anyone would need for Logan County and it cities and to be able to access that information through the internet.